11/4, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Picks

There are 4 games on deck tonight for some Saturday night NBA action beginning at 6:00pm CST.  There are some interesting matchups as far as position play.  Can we count on the rookie “Lauri Legend” to continue to produce against to the mammoths in the paint (and perimeter) on that New Orleans Pelicans squad?  Is Draymond Green out of his slump?  Why can’t Tobias Harris seem to get it going at home?  These are just a couple of thoughts to consider entering tonight’s matchups.  Hardwood Features ran a couple numbers and here’s what we brewed up.

Start:  Anthony Davis


Back in his hometown of Chicago, “The Brow” never seems to disappoint.  His career averages are 23 points and 10 rebounds in 35 minutes with a 29% usage rate.  Doesn’t seem like much but he’s playing the lowly Bulls who’s starting power forwards who are both out.  One seeking a possible trade and that same one has a broken face.  Valued at $11,800 and producing 59.35 FDPP over the last 4 games, Davis meets the 5x value rule. So we will start him.

Value:  Avery Bradley


He’s been hot as of late and got up 19 shots in his last game versus the Bucks.  The value comes in terms of those steals.  He’s averaging 1.7 steals and is going up against a very young Sacramento Kings squad tonight rated 29 of 30 in terms of offensive production and 21 of 30 in turnovers committed.  When it comes to steals, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel for Avery Bradley tonight.  He should easily make his production worth his $5,500 price tag.

Should be a fun an exciting night for the NBA.  Another quick note to add is to probably make most of your picks from the Golden State/Denver game because the pace of both teams.  More pace equals more shots which means more opportunities for rebounds and assists.  Keep that in mind.  Good luck!!!

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Opening Night: 10/17, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Picks

For those of you who don’t know quite yet how to play on the daily fantasy on FanDuel, it’s pretty simple.  You’re allotted a $60,000 salary cap to chose nine players (PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C) who you determine will give you the most bang for your buck.  There are many strategies that can be utilized but it all depends on the type of league you join.  Some prefer to be a bit more conservative approach and play the 50/50 leagues where all you have to do is place better than 50 percent of the other players.  If you want to get more aggressive, then you can hop in the big tournaments where your investment is a bit riskier but the rewards are far greater.

Daily fantasy is a numbers game.  Usage rates, minutes on the floor, play style and possessions per game are numbers to always consider when picking your squad of the day.  Other factors include opponents and player injuries.  All of these variables play into how you should pick in order to win some cash.  So without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s daily fantasy picks for FanDuel for Opening Night!

Hardwood Features’ Lineup:
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.13.15 PM.png

PG:  Stephen Curry ($9,700), Derrick Rose ($5,500)

Curry is a specialist when it comes to putting the ball in the hoop and is going up against a Rockets team which has never really hung their hats on the defensive side of the ball.  Last year he averaged 11 3-point attempts and shot 37 percent versus the Rockets.  He averaged 30 points in the 4 times the two teams faced each other.  With a team that’s game 1 into the season searching for their defensive identity, he should have a good night taking on Chris Paul on his home floor.

Rose is on a mission to prove himself in a contract hear. The former MVP will be going up against the PG he replaced.  With no Isaiah Thomas until January, he’ll get plenty run tonight to maximize his value in daily fantasy sports (DFS).  He possesses that Chicago pride that wills him to be the best at his position on the floor. He competes and Kyrie isn’t the best defender.

PG Alternate: Kyrie Irving ($8,200)

SG:  Eric Gordan ($5,200), Klay Thompson ($6,800)

Gordon is the sixth man on a high octane offense where he can sneak in 5 or 6 triples before you realize he’s torching you.  He averaged 9 3-point attempts last year. All the focus is going to be on Houston’s primary ballhandlers which should open things up for him. He’s not afraid to let it fly.

With Klay Thompson, it’s a similar scenario. He can give you a bit more in the defensive stats but the main point is Harden is checking him. Harden plays no defense at all.  Thompson averaged 20 points last season against the Rockets. We expect Thompson to have a solid low to mid 20s night with a couple of steals.

SG Alternate: Dwayne Wade ($6,000)

SF:  Kevin Durant ($9,800), Gordon Hayward ($7,600)

Durant is the best player on the board tonight and he’s going up against the Rockets whose defense was ranked 18 and allowed an average of 109 points to the opposing offense under Mike D’Antoni last season.  Durant has a matchup that has him lock and loaded to have a monster game.   He gets buckets.  No one can check him.  No numbers needed.  But here’s some anyway.  In the two meetings he played against the Rockets, he scored 39 and 32 points, averaged 9 rebounds, 2.5 steals, and 2.5 blocks. #hooper

Photo credit:  The Complex

SF Alternate: Lebron James ($10,400), Trevor Ariza ($5,600)

PF:  Kevin Love ($7,000), Jae Crowder ($4,500)

Kevin Love had his best year in a Cavs’ uniform last season.  Although now a role player, keep in mind that this guy used to give you 20 and 20 nightly back when he was the best player and All-Star with the T-Wolves.  Now that he has moved to the 5 spot and there is no Irving.  He could be considered the second scoring options in this revamped and star-studded offense.

Jae Crowder does the dirty work which means he’ll give you a little bit of everything.  Scoring, three-pointers, steals, blocks and a couple boards are not foreign stats when if you come across his name in the box score.  Although his workload isn’t quite as clear for the fans at beginning of the season, his value is hard to turn down especially if King James sits.

PF Alternate: Draymond Green ($8,300)

C:  JaVale McGee ($3,300)

This one is wild card.  JaVale (now a NBA Champion) proves to be efficient the minutes he is allotted.  He averages 23 points and 12 rebounds per 36 minutes.  And in a season-opener with tons of shots going up, one wouldn’t suspect the shooting percentage of either team to be top-notch.  There will be more misses which means more opportunities for rebounds.

C Alternate:  Al Horford ($7,200), Clint Capela ($6,000)

And there you have it!  Although we cannot guarantee success with our analysis and picks, you should at least be on your way to the top.  Here’s a link to get started with FanDuel if you haven’t done so already.  There are free and paid games available.  Try it out.  If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or comments, please feel free to share or reach out to us.


2017-18 Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Picks


It’s just about that time again.  Less than a month away until the 2017-18 NBA season tips off.  That also means basketball fantasy.  Fantasy hoops!  With teams pretty much having the cores of their rosters set, it’s time to start thinking who to pick and where to pick.  Carmelo Anthony will join Paul George and MVP Russell Westbrook forming another offense powerhouse in the West.  Other than that, the Warriors are still a juggernaut.  LeBron finds a way to keep Cleveland relevant even though the franchise lost the best isolation scorer in the league.  It looks as if Wade is heading over to help out his boy at one last title run together.  Kyrie Irving set off to Boston to create his own legacy with a historic franchise that has 22 (soon to be 23) retired jerseys hanging from the rafters of Boston Garden (that should be a strong hint for you as to who should be at the very top near Russell Westbrook of your draft board).  Pretty busy offseason, right.  With all that being said, here are you top 10 fantasy picks for the 2017-18 season.  You ready?

Let’s Get it:

#1:  Russell Westbrook

An MVP who averaged a triple double for the season.  You know what he is and what he can do.  The dude plays pickup games at full speed.  Yeah, he gets first pick.

Photo courtesy of

#2:  James Harden

Averaging 29 points per game, Harden also led the league in assists and free throw attempts.  He’s just second to Stephen Curry in 3-point attempts and shooting 35 percent while doing so.  The MVP runner-up averaged 8 rebounds a game as well.  Punt TO’s and he’s a fantasy god.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

#3: Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns goes into the season as one of this year’s MVP candidates, in my opinion.  He averaged the same amount of points as Kevin Durant (25.1) and averaged three more shot attempts per game.  He’s only going to get better.  This guy is a leader and is what the NBA wants.  He’s set up to succeed.  He and his franchise are maturing together.  He’s officially a star.  Make sure he’s on your team and you’ll be pretty successful as well.

Photo courtesy of The Cauldron.

#4: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant.  Easy, Money, Sniper.  He’s a true hooper.  Just out there to do what he does best.  Hoop.  Get buckets.  His approach to the game itself is what makes him such a high pick.  As a member of the Warriors, his offensive production has gone down a tad, but he makes up for it for what he can do on the defensive side of the ball with rebounds and blocks.  Last year he averaged 25 points, two blocks, five assists and eight rebounds in 33 minutes of action.  This dude gave the best player in the world 35 points a game in the NBA Finals.  Trust me, he’s worthy.

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors
Photo courtesy of SlamOnline.

#5: Lebron James

How does the best basketball player in the world get to be picked number five?  Even with a 3-5 NBA Finals record, Lebron could easily be picked at number 1 out of sheer respect.  “The King” is a force and he does it all on the floor.  He averaged a 26-8-8 stat line last season.  Although 3 and 5 in the NBA Finals, it’s pretty convenient to have a guy on your fantasy roster who is the best player on a championship contending team every season.  James has been to the NBA Finals 8 out of the 14 years he has been the league. #worthy

Photo courtesy of Laker Nation.

#6: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis comes in at #6 based off how high his ceiling is.  He has the potential to be able to do it all.  He averaged 5 assists last year with 3 turnovers.  He did shoot 52 percent last year and average two blocks and two steals.  It’s fun watching the “Greek Freak’s” maturation.  He’ll be fun to watch in the fantasy world this year as he takes the next steps to NBA Superstardom.

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

#7:  Kawhi Leonard

Sometimes if feels if Kawhi is limited by the system he is in.  Granted Pop is an amazing coach and the success the San Antonio Spurs have endured over the years is not to be ignored or blamed in this case for Kawhi’s production.  He averaged 26 points last year with six rebounds, four assists, and two steals.  With that as your base stat line for whenever he suits up, it’s pretty nice to have guys who will perform every night.  He’s number 7 because of his consistency.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

#8:  John Wall

This dude is going to be the steal of the first round.  Going into his 4-year, 170 million dollar contract season, this dude is going to ball.  You know you’re good when the greats are your fans.  The recent Kentucky Hall of Fame inductee is due for a monster season.  He hasn’t said it personally but he’s trying to be the best player in the league.

Photo courtesy of SLAMonline

#9:  Kyrie Irving

Kyrie’s Boston Celtics’ jersey will one day hang in the rafters of Boston Garden.  I say that and he hasn’t played a single game in a Celtic uniform.  I say that because he’s just that good.  The move he made from Cleveland to Boston was  brilliant move for his career.  He’s a superstar and a superstar in a Boston Celtics uniform contends.  He is a perfect fit for the Brad Stevens offense.  As much as you Boston fans loved Thomas, Kyrie is a pretty significant upgrade.  Uncle Drew is motivated and is going to put on a show for the Boston crowd.  Expect career highs from him this year.  Kyrie, stay humble.  Boston fans and fantasy owners…enjoy the show!

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

#10:  Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry takes the 10 spot for the simple fact that Anthony Davis is injury prone.  The best ability is availability.  With that being said, Stephen Curry is a bad dude.  He’ll get you there.  Averaging 25 points a game, seven assists and two steals a game, he still can stuff the stat sheet on a given night.  He was first in 3-point attempts and makes last season.

Photo courtesy of Complex