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Lavar Ball and President Trump Agree to Terms for Cage-match


President Trump was not amused by Lavar Ball’s CNN interview Monday night and things have only escalated since. The primary subject of Ball’s conversation with Chris Cuomo on CNN was the recent feud between President Trump and Ball revolving around Lavar’s son LiAngelo and LiAngelo’s UCLA teammates who were released from a Chinese prison earlier this month thanks to President Trump.

Lavar was less than grateful when asked about Trump’s favor and seemed to dodge commenting at all.

President Trump felt that Lavar Ball was not grateful enough for his efforts to help his son be released for a shop-lifting crime that normally means five to 10 years in China. Trump took to Twitter to voice his disapproval of Ball’s lack of gratitude for Trump’s efforts in pardoning his son.


The prison sentence would have derailed LiAngelo and Lavar’s NBA aspirations and potentially hurt the Big Baller Brand which was founded by the Ball boys and their outspoken father.

Following the feud, CNN had a special interview with Lavar Ball regarding his lack of thanks-giving to the President.

“I don’t have to go around saying thank you to everybody,” Lavar Ball said in his interview with Chris Cuomo.

“If I was gonna thank somebody, I’d thank President Xi, said Ball.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Cuomo asked Lavar Ball if he had a message for the President.

Ball’s comments outraged the President who took to Twitter to fire at Lavar once more.

trump lavar

Hardwood Features Fake News Correspondent spoke with Trump Friday morning about his tweets and his escalating feud with Lavar Ball.

“I already pardoned one turkey this year,” Trump said, “Lavar Ball will not be so lucky!”

Arain later asked if he would like to return Ball’s happy holiday wishes, the President was not so inclined.

“Oh please,” said the President, “No one tells me to have a happy Thanksgiving, it was the happiest OK? It was so happy, so joyous, people will gather round and give thanks for how thankful I am, believe me.”

Trump next spoke about his Thanksgiving meal. “I heard Lavar had a tiny turkey, the smallest really, it is very sad, very sad indeed; my turkey was yuge… Everyone will tell me, everyone will be talking about it, ‘the president had a yuge turkey,’ they will say, for years to come.It was very, very special and guess what folks, the turkey just got six pounds heavier.”

In an interview with Hardwood Features fake news correspondant, Hami Arain, Lavar Ball said, “My boys ate well! Trump’s turkey to little! we’d gobble it down!”

Lavar then took things to the next level by challenging Trump to a game of one-on-one to settle their grudge, reminding Arain that he is “undefeated” and that he has “never lost.”

Arain took out his cell phone and called the president who argued that since he has no experience playing basketball that they should settle the score in an arena inwhich they both have sufficient experience, inside the ring.

“I am going to beat him bigly…” said Trump, “and then, we are going to build the wall and put his body inside of it; it worked for China it will work for us. There will be no Mongolians, none at all… people will say, ‘hey, where did all the Mongolian invaders go?’ The wall is going to be great, so great and when I see Lavar in the cage, I am going to beat him OK? He will be so beaten, beaten so badly, everyone knows that I am a winner and it isn’t going to change now. I am going to make him cry, just like Jeb and everyone will love it… people like me.”

“He too little, I’ll back him down,” said Ball, “I’m undefeated, never lost.”

The Fight date has been set for December 15th at the Staples Center. Each fighter is undefeated in their profesional wrestling career, having won in their respective apperances on WWE.

Check back to Hardwood Features for more as the fight draws closer.

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