Hidden Behind the Hype

The Hype:

The NBA season has already been wildly entertaining thus far.  Stephen Curry flinging mouthpieces and Kevin Durant cursing like a sailor resulting in them being ejected during the meltdown in Memphis.  Both Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin suffering season-ending injuries in the first week of the season.  Andrew Wiggins 2.0 banking a game-winning 3-pointer to lift the Timberwolves over the Thunder on Sunday.  Eric Bledsoe tweets, “I don’t want to be here.”  No one but Eric Bledsoe and those close to him knows exactly what he meant by it, but if your head coach is fired shortly thereafter, then it can be inferred that there’s an issue brewing in the desert after a 0-3 start.  All good stuff, but there are a few stories that may have been hidden behind the hype.


The Hidden:

Kawhi Leonard:

Kawhi Leonard isn’t close to returning to the court.  As stoic as he may seem on the court, he couldn’t fake the limp as he was spotted climbing stairs.

The Spurs have been super low key with his status but be sure they will be just fine while he’s out.  But they could definitely use their franchise player and production.  It will be awesome for the fans and fantasy owners when he comes roaring back.  Just sit tight.

Anthony Davis: 

This dude is silently making his case for MVP.  Although the New Orleans Pelicans currently sit at 1-2, The Brow has been balling.  Over those 3 games, he’s averaging 31.7 points, 17.3 rebounds and 2.4 blocks per game. #ballin

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Are the Thunder as good as we thought they would be?  By the numbers, the Thunder currently sit at 1-2.  Per basketball-reference.com, their offense is ranked 19th out of the 30 teams.  Still in the process of figuring out their roles, the Thunder have the potential to be lethal down the stretch.  They have the scoring, they just need the shooting.  The rank 16th in 3-point attempts and 12th in 3-point percentage.  For a squad that loaded and talented, they have to be better if they want to make thunder in the playoffs.  Stay tuned.

Photo Credit:  CBS Sports Radio

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