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100 Days of Hoops 31: Miller Time

On day 31 of 100 Days of Hoops we remember one of the most cold-blooded killers ever to grace the hardwood. Reggie Miller was the epitome of a showman. Despite playing for one of the relatively smaller market teams in the league for the entirety of his career, Reggie Miller and the Pacers’ rivalry with the New York Knicks as well as the consistency of the franchise put Miller and co. in the national spotlight.

Reggie is remembered for being one of the most clutch players in NBA history and a 3-point threat who was ahead of his time. What would Miller look like today on a team like the Cavs, Warriors, or Rockets who embrace the perpetual green light from 3-point range?

Reggie Miller shot 39.5 percent from deep on his career, but in an era that preceded the 3-point revolution-which is currently spear-heading the evolution of basketball- Miller may have been even more prolific if he played today. Tomorrow’s feature, Steph Curry is the poster boy for the 3-point shot. In the era of the long-range basketball missile, Curry took an average of 11 and 10 3-pointers per game. Miller’s career high in attempts per game in a given season is roughly half of Curry’s figure. Miller’s 5.8 attempts per game were his career high.

Ranging from 1988-2005, Curry was everything that teams such as the Warriors, Cavs, and Rockets embrace; running of screens, throwing daggers from deep, and breaking hearts on a nightly basis. The greatest moment of Miller’s career came against the Pacers arch rival; the New York Knicks, in the Garden.

Eight points. Nine seconds. The heart of a city broken. Pacers win. This moment encapsulates Reggie Miller as a player. It seems like a feat that could only be accomplished in a video game.

Unfortunately that brings me to my next point and what a sad point that is. Reggie, if you are reading this I have one question for you…what the f***?

The fact that Reggie Miller would not be in the NBA 2K18 video game is an atrocity and perhaps a crime against the basketball universe. Miller is the all-time Pacers leader in points and games played as well as many other franchise bests. If you are looking for Miller on the all-time Pacers team however, you are going to have to settle for Ron Artest. If you are a Pacers fan, I bet you feel about ready to run into the stands and start punching people out over the frustration of the greatest player in the history of your favorite franchise’s failure to reach a licensing agreement with the 2K franchise.

In the words of King Arthur, “Alas, this unhappy day.”

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