100 days of hoops

100 Days of Hoops: 38

Last season, the Washington Wizards won their first division title in 38 years with a record of 49-33. In the post-season, the Wizards continued to prove themselves by cruising to the Conference Semi-Finals and taking the no. 1 seed, Celtics to seven games, in a series that could have easily gone either way. The Wizards play a space and pace game with lethal outside scorers such as Bradley Beal and Otto Porter with the “Polish Hammer” Marcin Gortat anchoring the inside. Their driving force both literally and figuratively is number 2.

While the offseason’s storyline has been dominated by stars rearranging the landscape of the NBA universe, the Wizards have not gone anywhere; and while many stars have moved this summer, Washington’s John Wall is still the staple of the Wizards and the best player the franchise has had to offer since the likes of Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes who led the 54-38 Washington Bullets to the Atlantic Conference title in the 1978-79 season (come on man, Gilbert Arenas can’t hold a candle to John Wall).

“I rank myself the best,” said Wall in regards to the best point guards in the league. While he may not be at the very top, John Wall is not far from it at all. Last season, Wall averaged 23 points, 11 assists, and two steals per game. All season long, Wall did what his team needed of him whether that meant facilitating or lighting up the scoreboard himself. In a game the Wizard’s lost to the Orlando Magic, Wall put up a career-high 52 points.

Although he is primarily a facilitator, games such as that go to demonstrate just how lethal a scorer Wall can be.  While we anticipate another thrilling NBA season and debate the new higherarchies of the league after all the offseason movement, let us not forget the Wizards and John Wall.

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