100 days of hoops, hardwood

100 Days of Hoops, Day 39: Flash Drive

Dwyane Wade is about to play in his third NBA franchise with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But this feels different than last year.  It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion the Cleveland Cavaliers end up back in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.  There’s too much star-power on both teams to not make that happen barring injury.

Wade opts to wear number 9 for the Cavaliers, the same number he wore for the 2008 Olympics. This is Wade’s third team in three seasons and is in a win-win situation.

““It’s been an honor and a privilege to play for my hometown,” Wade says. “Chicago holds a very special place in my heart and will always be home to me.”

We all know about Wade’s relationship with LeBron James and how that impacted his decision to join the Cavs but Wade has a new role with the Cavs.  At the least, it’s a role he might be used to.  Point Guard. Possibly a backup.

“”Me and Ty just talked about the role,” Wade said Friday. “We didn’t talk about starting or nothing like that. We just talked about what my role can be and pretty much what I’ve always done…I’m just focused on coming in here, learning the offense, continuing to be one of the guys and figure that Ty, he will figure everything out.”

Wade is used to being a primary ball-handler for some possessions, it’s been the basis of his whole career. He also compares him and LeBron James to peanut butter and jelly, check out how they make it work.  Surely, Wade left some of his passing skills in his flash drive.

Don’t expect the Cavaliers to be Wade’s last stop, he expects to return to the Miami Heat down the line, whether the Heat return is just a pitstop after his final NBA game or another season in Miami, Wade strives to show the world he still has one more championship run in him.

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