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100 Days of Hoops: Day 58, Chef George Karl and The Hawk

By Zendejas and Hami Arain

On April 27, 2009, George Karl made some of his most buttery hotness he had ever made.  Up 2 games to 1 against the Chris Paul led New Orleans Hornets, Karl gathered the ingredients for his signature entrée “Denver Nuggets with a Carmel’o Center.”  Here are the ingredients:

George Karl making sure he has all his ingredients. (Photo courtesy of The Denver Post)

∗ Chris Paul Chips:
The Nuggets were very physical with Chris Paul throughout the series.  Chris Paul went into Game 4 nowhere close to 100 percent.  Playing 46 minutes in must win Game 3 and being pummeled to the ground throughout the game definitely took its toll.  Rumor has it that Chris Paul is still haunted

∗ Hornet Whipping:
Leading up to Game 3, the Nuggets outscored the Hornets 314-272.  In Game 3, Denver started the game shooting 70 percent and taking a 36-15 lead at the end of the first period.  It was over by the end of the 3rd period.

Chris Paul visibly upset after seeing what happened to Byron Scott. (Photo courtesy of ESPN.com)

∗ Hornet Turnovers:
According to ESPN.com, the Nuggets forced the Hornets to commit 54 turnovers that led to the Nuggets scoring 41 points off of those turnovers.  A perfect ingredient to winning.

∗ Deep-Dishes:
The Nuggets dished out 29 assists versus only 10 by the Hornets.  Nuggets displayed a 67.4 assist percentage while the Hornets did 58.8 percent.

∗ Nuggets Hot Sauce:
The Nuggets shot 57 percent for the game and 50 percent from three.  Hot shooting.  Hot sauce!

∗ Carmel’:
Carmelo scored 26 points in 36 minutes with 7 assists and 6 rebounds.  He shot 53 percent making 9 of his 17 attempts.  He went 6 of 7 from the stripe and 2 of 3 from the three.  A hot Melo is fun to watch.  A hot mellow is also fun to eat!

Carmelo Anthony celebrating with Chauncey Billups after learning he would be an ingredient in George Karl’s recipe. (Photo courtesy of ESPN.com)

∗ Time for Key-Lime:
The best part.  Time for dessert!  According to ESPN.com, the Nuggets scored 34 points in the paint to 18 points in the paint scored by the Hornets.  “Eating” is what I call it.

Put all of this in the game plan and mix it together for 48 minutes and the result is a 58 point dismantling of your opponent’s hopes, dreams and appetite.  George Karl used the perfect ingredients to cook up a game plan and in 48 minutes his Nuggets served a 121-63 dish to the Hornets.  The Nuggets then went on to win the series 4-1.  An entrée crafted by George Karl that turned so many stomachs that by the fourth quarter, the fans in New Orleans Arena had already left for the stalls or the private bathrooms of their homes.  Meanwhile, the Nuggets were still loading up the whipping and licking it off their fingers.


Rare photo of Hornets’ coach Byron Scott after the Hornets lost Game 4. (Photo Credit: Robin Hood Flour)


And if you need the evidence, here’s a live video on Karl using his recipe, just don’t pick up any of his books:

Back in 1956, the Minneapolis Lakers used their own recipe amidst a 133-75, 58-point win over the St. Louis Hawks. The Lakers made a very popular sandwich among Minnesotans called The Hawk from Slater’s Sandwiches including Mikan’s Magic Hot Sauce, special Kalafat tomatoes from Garmaker’s Garden, a slice of Dick’s Bacon and how could we forget the Hawk from St. Louis?  To make this sandwich, you must get Hawks from St. Louis otherwise it wouldn’t be The Hawk. Also, you can only wash it down with a bottle of Skoog’s Soymilk and lest we forget that all twelve players on the Lakers scored in double-figures.


Slater Martin                   5  9  10                            .900  3  19
Dick Schnittker                 4 10  12                            .833  2  18
Ed Kalafat                      5  4   5                            .800  2  14
Dick Garmaker                   2                                      9  4  13
Clyde Lovellette                6  1   2                            .500  6  13
George Mikan                    5  3   5                            .600  5  13
Lew Hitch                       4  5   6                            .833  2  13
Chuck Mencel                                                           5  1  10
Whitey Skoog                       5                                   1  3  10
Vern Mikkelsen                  3                                      4  2  10
Team Totals        240         44                                        45 133


So there you have it.  Two entrees that can make your day that much sweeter. Anytime you eat these entrees you are guaranteed a series win but they aren’t easy to come by.  You have to keep the oven hot at all times without burning your house on fire.  Best of luck to anyone who attempts to make such complicated dishes!

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