100 days of hoops, hardwood

66: Chicago Bulls

On Day 66 of 100 Days of Hoops, we celebrate the greatest franchise in the history of the world, the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were founded January 16, 1966. Since then, the Bulls have appeared in the playoffs in 35 of their 51 seasons, winning six championships in the 1990s.

With their rich history, picking five players to represent the Chicago Bulls was not easy. Some of the players left off this list are 2013-14 Defensive Player of the Year, Joakim Noah, Chet Walker (3rd in team history in franchise win shares), and Horace Grant; the third wheel on the Bulls big three that was largely responsible for their first three-peat.

The players who did make the list are all either in the hall of fame or the youngest MVP in the history of the league. Below is the all-time Chicago Bulls starting five including the sixth spot for their greatest coach.

(per game stats with Bulls)

POINT GUARD: Derrick Rose
points: 19.7

rebounds: 3.7

assists: 6.2

SHOOTING GUARD: Michael Jordan

points: 31.2

rebounds: 6.3

assists: 5.4

steals: 2.5

SMALL FORWARD: Scottie Pippen

points: 17.7

rebounds: 6.7

assists: 5.3

steals: 2.1

POWER FORWARD: Dennis Rodman

points: 5.2

rebounds: 15.3

assists: 2.8

CENTER: Artis Gilmore

points: 19.3

rebounds: 11.1

blocks: 2.1

Coach: Phil Jackson
73.8 percent winning percentage
six championships


Phil Jackson signals for his signature triangle offense


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