100 days of hoops

100 Days of Hoops: Day 74, Swats and Steals


The basketball world will never know how many blocked shots Bill Russell tallied over his career. Photo courtesy of nba.com

100 Days of Hoops Day 74 remembers three of basketball’s prehistoric titans; Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, and Bill Russell, for the part of their game that history can only estimate.

In the beginning of the 1973-74 season, its logo was 35-years-old and averaging 2.6 steals per game with the Los Angeles Lakers. Even in his final season, the average would  have him ranked third all-time in front of Michael Jordan if his 31 games played that season was enough to have him in consideration for the statistic.  Witnesses will tell you that West had several games with more than ten steals. The all-time record for steals in a game is eleven and was set by Kendall Gill of the New Jersey Nets in 1999.


In the post, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell block numbers are also lost. Otherwise, the two may be at the top of the list of most blocks of all-time or most blocks per game.  Here he is terrorizing the Lakers in the 1964 finals where we can witness five of his unrecorded blocks

Video and eye legend will tell you that Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain going into the stratosphere was a nightly occurrence to send shots across the gym.

While the numbers can’t be quantified, Russell and Chamberlain may very well deserve to be at the top of the blocks per game list and would likely still dominate in any era thanks to their incredible timing and freaky aestheticism.

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