100 Days of Hoops: 93


Latrell Sprewell is the first player to go nine for nine from three without a miss in a game.

By Hami Arain and Adam Chalifoux

Instead of looking at the number 93, let’s take a look at the number nine and three. There have been three times in the history of the NBA when a player reached such a smooth level of buttery hotness that they could not miss from deep. Latrell Sprewell, February 4th 2003 and Ben Gordon on April 15, 2006 and March 21, 2012.

Here is Ben Gordon’s first nine of nine game from downtown…in (some language).

When the Bulls played the Heat the next evening, he continued the streak of three-pointers without any misses by making his next three-pointer.

Ben Gordon has done it for two teams. (Photo Credit: )

Gordon tied the record with the Pistons in 2012. In this game, he led the Pistons to a comeback in Denver. Here are all 36 of his 45 points.

The Pistons still found a way to lose, 116-115.

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