Tale of the Tape from the Fight of the Night

G. Guaman (left) squared off with J. Hernandez (right) at the UIC Pavilion’s Windy City Fight Night in Chicago, Saturday, July 29, 2017. (Hardwood Features Photo/B. Savage)

Hernandez v. Guaman II was undoubtedly the most exciting fight of Windy City Fight Night at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.  Both men brought the crowd to their feet as loud cheers, tension and drama filled the building as the two fighters tested each other’s heart and will until the near end of the sixth and final round.  Let’s take a look at a round-by-round recap of the fight.

Hernandez: Purple trunks

Guaman: Gold, blue and red trunks.

First Round:

04:20— The bell rings and the first round of the awaited rematch officially begins.

05:39-06:03— Hernandez eats four consecutive overhand rights in exchanges with Guaman that send him spiraling to the canvas like a corkscrew.  He beats the 10-count and the fight continues.

07:02-07:12— Guaman lands a left hook that stuns Hernandez, forcing him into the clinch until referee Dave Smith separates both fighters.

07:22— First round comes to an end.

Take Away: A feeling of deja-vu was in the air when Hernandez was knocked to the ground by the powerful overhand rights connected by Guaman.  Except for this time, Hernandez is able to recover and survive the first round, unlike their first fight.

Round Winner: Guaman

Second Round:

07:48— The second round begins for the first time between Hernandez and Guaman.

07:59-08:06— Both fighters exchange and connect on a few punches from a series of combinations, exposing themselves in the process.  No real harm is done.

08:45-08:58— Guaman is the aggressor and charges at Hernandez landing some powerful punches, including a left hook, that dazed his opponent while up against the ropes until Smith separates them as they clinch.

09:33-09:48— Hernandez attacks with a series of punches landing on the body of Guaman, proceeding to tag Guaman a few times in the head despite solid protection from his opponent.  Both fighters engage in a clinch and are separated once again.

10:19-10:50— Both fighters get a left hook to land as they swing away like madmen missing several punches that could have knocked their opponent back or to the canvas.  The punching spree is paused by a brief clinch and separation.  Hernandez quickly re-engages with a solid combination to Guaman’s midsection.  Good footwork, head movement and constant pressure from Hernandez are throwing Guaman’s timing off.  He missed several potentially dangers overhand rights in the exchange.  They clinch once more and the round comes to an end.

Take Away: Hernandez ate some solid punches from Guaman that left him dazed early on but he pushed through and stood toe-to-toe with him the rest of the round, relentlessly pushing the action and exchanging combinations and punches.  Hernandez looked like the aggressor, throwing more punches and looked unfazed despite Guaman landing a punch here and there throughout the round.  Working from the clinch helped Hernandez avoid taking a devastating blow and allowed him to regain some of the energy lost during those furious exchanges with Guaman.

Round Winner: Hernandez

Third Round:

11:15— Third begins.

11:58-12:06— Both fighters swing away with vicious hands but fail to land any of their power-packing punches effectively or at all, with an impressive display of defensive intuitiveness.

12:19-12:40– Both fighters engage in close distance and each sneak in a body shot.  A straight right from Guaman forces Hernandez to back pedal to the ropes after absorbing it.  Hernandez shortly returns the favor with a right hook that sends Guaman back.  They briefly close in on each other but no real harm is done due to both fighters cautious approach to the round.

13:00-13:04– Hernandez effectively works the body while Guaman has his hands up for protection leaving his rib area exposed.

13:08— Guaman takes a step back as a result from a solid left hook from Hernandez.

13:30-13:42— Guaman connects with a left hook to the head of Hernandez.  Hernandez immediately creates separation and closes the distance with combinations to Guaman’s protected head.

14:03-14:16— Both fighters connect on a punch or two near the end of the round with a flurry of swings.  Good anticipation by both men and each of them live to see the end of the round.  Hernandez threw the more effective combinations despite both fighters failing to land a signature blow.  Round three comes to an end.

Take Away: Both fighters fought more cautiously.  Perhaps fatigue started to settle in after the second round where both fighters were more aggressively by continuously closing the distance.

Round Winner: Hernandez

Fourth Round:

14:48— Fourth round begins.

14:54— Hernandez’s mouthpiece gets knocked out after a right hook from Guaman.

15:56-16:05— Hernandez works the body of Guaman as he pins him against the ropes.  Guaman gets out of trouble with a two-punch combination.

16:36— Guaman connects with a straight right that sends Hernandez to the canvas.  By the look of it, it could have been a combination of the punch and a potential slip.  Smith begins the 10-count, which Hernandez beats.

17:29— Guaman takes a knee while in the clinch as he’s pinned in the corner by Hernandez, Smith orders both fighters to separate.

17:47-17:57— Fatigue appears to be becoming a factor as both fighters have lost some force behind their punches.  Guaman is allowing his hands to be down as both fighters land a punch to the head, some to the body or not at all.  The round comes to an end.

Take Away: Hernandez may have slipped instead of being knocked down but Smith calling it a knockdown has serious implications for the fight.

Round Winner: Guaman

Fifth Round:

18:25— Fifth round begins

18:46– Guaman knocks Hernandez back with a nice one-two combination.

19:16-19:24 — Hernandez stalks his opponent as Guaman stumbles trying to elude him. Hernandez lands a straight right that knocks Guaman’s head back and outside the ring.  They look to land punches in frustration.

19:54-20:12— Fatigue looks to be settling in for both fighters, especially Guaman whose hands are low while Hernandez connects on a few punches despite missing some good opportunities himself.

20:20-20:32 — Hernandez punches Guaman into the corner where he tees off on his body with composed and thunderous shots.

20:40-21:06 — Guaman is struggling with the exhaustion and is no longer creating space as he was earlier in the fight.  Hernandez senses this and calmly closes the distance, measuring his punches and combinations in the process.  Guaman can no longer take the punishment of his body and falls to one knee to briefly cease the barrage of punches.  Smith calls it a knockdown and beings the 10-count.

21:18-21:28 — Hernandez feels the fight turning in his favor and quickly unleashes on Guaman’s body once again with steady left and right hooks. The round ends and Guaman is lucky the bell allows him to see the next round.

Take Away: Hernandez tasted blood in the water and quickly ramped up the pressure on Guaman.  Hernandez’s conditioning was clearly superior in the later rounds as Guaman left himself unprotected trying to evade his opponent.  Hernandez really needed that knock down to turn the tides in his favor.

Round Winner: Hernandez

Sixth Round:

22:03— Sixth and final round begins.

22:06-23:03 — Hernandez walks right up to Guaman and they begin to swing away in close quarters.  Hernandez continues his assault on Guaman’s body.  Guaman’s punches are clearly not as strong or fluid as they were in the earlier rounds. Poor protection and head movement by Guaman become less and less effective as he continues to take the beating from Herandez’s devastating blows.  Guaman falls to one knee once again.  A 10-count begins but he is able to recover in time.

23:24-23:59 –One last overhand right from Guaman fails to connect and Hernandez looks to finish off his opponent.  Herandez punches Guaman against the ropes with calm, yet powerful hooks and uppercuts to the body of his exhausted opponent.  Hernandez delivers timely and effective combinations as he senses the end is near for Guaman. Two straight rights send Guaman stumbling backward.  Hernandez continues the onslaught and Guaman takes his second knee of the round.  Smith beings the 10-count.  Guaman once again beats the count.

24:01-24:25 — Hernandez quickly resumes unleashing his frustrations on the fighter that was responsible for his first loss. He closes the distance and delivers combination after combination all over Guaman.  Guaman has nothing behind his punches or in the tank as Hernandez continues to tee off on him until Smith decides Guaman is no longer able to protect himself along the ropes calling the match in favor of Hernandez via TKO.

Take Away: Hernandez was able to weather the storm early on and literally punched his way back into the fight.  The late knockdowns by Hernandez turned the fight in his favor but once he realized that his conditioning was superior to Guaman’s, he looked to take the victory with his own two hands.  Valiant effort by Guaman who’s body took a beating at the hands of Hernandez.  Hernandez avenges his controversial defeat to Guaman just three months earlier.  Could there be a third installment of Hernandez v. Guaman in the future?

Round and Fight Winner: Hernandez.

(Below is the fight in its entirety courtesy of Hardwood Features).

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