What to Look for during Hernandez v. Guaman II

(Super Featherweight Attraction-6 Rounds-129 LBS.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 7.30.40 PM.png
Gavino “Huesitos” Guaman (left) poses for the camera along with his opponent Joshuah “The Windy City Kid” Hernandez (right) at the Holiday Inn Suite in Rosemont, IL., on July 28, 2017. (Hardwood Features Photo/ J. Barrera)

Joshuah “The Windy City Kid” Hernandez and Gavino “Huesitos” Guaman will step into the ring together for the second time in just over three months. With their last fight being decided in less than one round of action you might think there is not much we can take away from it heading into the rematch.  But in less than one round of action, there were a few things that stood out and that we can look for when these two fighters square off once again.

Let’s take a look at their previous fight that headlined Windy City Fight Night on April 28, 2017, at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.  What can both fighters take away from their first fight?

Height Difference:

There is a six-inch difference between the two fighters, with Hernandez having the advantage at 5-foot-9-inches.  The disadvantage in height for Guaman should force him to keep the fight inside, staying within reach of his taller opponent.  Hernandez, on the other hand, should keep his distance by using his jab to keep Guaman at bay and set up combinations.  By doing this he should avoid taking one of Guaman’s dangerous over-the-top rights.  The same over-the-top right that sent him to the canvas twice in their first fight.


Both fighters did not use much head movement and remained stationary during their first fight.  A stationary target is an easy target.  Both fighters ate each other’s punches until the fight ended.  Both fighter’s camps should have stressed head, eye movement and footwork to keep their opponent on their heels and avoid a devastating blow that could the match at any time.  Hernandez must especially avoid the temptation to engage with Guaman in a braw-style match.  Using his footwork and reach to gain better angles to avoid a devastating Guaman hook is crucial.


Last time they fought much of their time together was spent in the center of the ring.  Most of the first and only round was spent with each opponent sizing each other up and timing each other’s combinations looking for a counter.  The only time the action was near the ropes was when their exchanges pushed them to the edges or after a knockdown.  Using the entire ring to create separation should benefit both fighters.

Hometown Pressure:

Coming off a disappointing loss as the main event in front of his hometown of Chicago last April, Hernandez looks to avenge his controversial defeat.  Perhaps the hometown pressure was a factor.  Being a part of the undercard may play to his advantage and relieve the pressure due to an overwhelmingly-pro Hernandez crowd.  It also might serve as a motivational tool that the rematch is not headlining this edition of Windy City Fight Night.  A win for Hernandez could set up a future opportunity to headline again.  Possibly the rubber-match.

Styles make fights:

The first time these two fighters squared off there was a total of three knockdowns in less than one round of action.  Once both fighters realized their opponent could be hit they turned the boxing match into a brawl.  Both fighters landed powerful blows and turned the fight into a slugfest.  Both fighters have knockout potential and will not need to feel each other out the second time around.  Look for a more cautious approach from both fighters.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 7.40.19 PMFinal Take Away:

Hernandez needs to control the fight and not let it escalate into a brawl where both fighters are exchanging powerful blows.  Patience will be key when Guaman is timing his combination in order to counter punch with a powerful over-the-top right.  Guaman’s jab was nonexistent in the last fight and it would be wise on his end to use it set up combinations this time around.  How pressure is handled by both fighters will determine the outcome of the rematch.  After suffering his first professional loss, Hernandez has had room to grow as a fighter and learn from the mistakes that led to his first defeat.  The officiating will be under a microscope due to the controversial nature on how the first match ended.  The time for talking is over the men in the ring and their gloves will determine who will walk away a winner and who leaves with the second loss on their professional resume.


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